Design Standards Still In Discussion

Nov 13, 2013

The Design Excellence Task Force has spent the past three years with the goal of creating development guidelines for downtown Lexington. 

Those proposed standards were topic for discussion at Tuesday’s Planning and Public Works committee meeting.  Attorney Bill Lear has been on the task force since its inception in 2010.  He told council members he still has general support for the concept of the guidelines but raised some concerns.

“The idea of creating any sort of new regulation level or restrictions at a time when you’re not exactly fending people off who are coming in, it is not the right way to go.”  Lear added “There aren’t many people clamoring to build downtown.”  He believes another layer of restrictions should be coupled with real incentives if downtown Lexington is going to continue to grow.

The executive director of the Fayette Alliance, Knox van Nagell said she supports the restrictions in principle but believes there needs to be more clarity of building demolition, a feasible and effective incentives package and a determination of how guidelines will interact with ongoing parking, traffic and public space planning efforts.

A public meeting to review the design guidelines will be held this Thursday at the Phoenix Building on Vine Street at 6:00 pm.