Delaware, Tennessee, Not KY To Get First Round of "Race To Top" Grants

Lexington, KY – Tens of millions of federal dollars will not be coming to Kentucky schools in the near future. On Monday, the U-S Department of Education announced Delaware, and Kentucky neighbor Tennessee, as the two states that will be awarded the first round of "Race To The Top" education grants.

Kentucky Department of Education spokesperson Lisa Gross says they're disappointed, but not discouraged.

"We will be reviewing our scores and the comments from our application this doesn't mean that we're going to stop work. The things that we said we were going to do in our Race To The Top application, are things that we were going to do anyway. What we hope is that once the U-S DOE posts its comments on the applications is that it will get down to the level of this is what we liked, we didn't like this you got points on this, you didn't get points on that the review process was fairly intensive, so we're assuming that we'll get some valuable comments once the U-S DOE posts that information".

The Commonwealth had applied for some 200 million dollars to revamp its P through 12 public education program. Gross says Kentucky has already begun work on applying for the second round of the grants.