Days Like Today Prove People Need To Be Storm Ready

Feb 29, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky.  A spokesman with the Lexington Fayette Emergency Planning Committee says days like today highlight the fact that people need to have supplies and plans in place before severe weather strikes.  John Bobel says his group will emphasize that message throughout March; which has been designated severe storms preparedness month.

“It’s unfortunate but you know when you’ve got leap day today and we’ve had a fairly severe outbreak of tornadoes, it does tend to focus on it does tend to focus people’s attention on the need to be aware, to have a kit, make a plan, and really get involved in not only their own family emergency preparedness but also their neighborhood and their community emergency preparedness activities.”

The LFEPC has launched a promotion that makes a free emergency preparedness kit available to area non-profit organizations which can be used for possible fundraising activities.  The kit includes a fire extinguisher, battery operated AM/FM weather radio, first aid kit, flashlight, eating utensils, cleaning supplies, and activities for children and adults. 

“We’re thinking about PTA’s, we’re thinking about certainly on the UK campus, fraternities and sororities; if they have a fundraising activity…really, any non-profit organization in Fayette County where we welcome them to make an application through our website.”

Information on the giveaway program is available at