The Daily Show Visits Ky. For Tobacco Story

Jun 27, 2014

Kentucky lawmakers are no strangers to Comedy Central’s The Daily Show.

On Thursday night’s program, some northern Kentucky residents watched their state senator take on correspondent Samantha Bee.

Shelbyville Republican and tobacco farmer Paul Hornback was interviewed as part of a segment entitled “Nicoteens” – which profiled minors working in tobacco fields. In a May release, Human Rights Watch said children are reporting working long hours harvesting tobacco in Kentucky, North Carolina, and other states.  

Hornback conceded that it’s hard work, but defended the practice, saying, "It's long days, it's out there in the sun, some days it may be a hundred degrees... but that's not bad. You've got lots of places to get shade, to cool off, to rest for a little while."

It wasn’t the first time a Kentucky lawmaker has appeared on the satirical news program. State Senator Damon Thayer was featured in 2013 during a feature lampooning a proposed law that would have nullified any federal legislation limiting gun ownership in the state.