Crews Work To Repair Collapsed Storm Sewer Pipe Around UK Campus

Sep 10, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - A spokesman with Lexington’s Division of Environmental Quality says it could be awhile before a busy intersection around the UK Campus can be reopened to traffic.  Mark York says crews are working at Rose and Euclid to repair a storm sewer pipe that broke over the weekend.

“This is a concrete line about 18 to 21 inches in diameter.  So we’ve got a crew actually in the middle of the intersection that is excavating around that pipe right now.  It’s located about four to five feet below surface", York told WUKY.

York adds that two crews are actually on the scene.

“They are inserting a video camera inside a manhole and then running that camera toward the break.  That video camera will determine for us the extent of the break….where does the good pipe end, and bad pipe begin.  That way we will know the extent of the break and the extent of the damage to the pipe.  Once we determine that we will know how much more excavation we have to do and how much more line that we will have to replace."

York is not saying when the repairs will be completed and the intersection is reopened.  For now, he says follow the detour signs.  Police are also on the scene directing traffic for the time being.