Crews Ready For Slick Roads, Tricky Travel

Nov 26, 2013

Salt trucks are ready to roll across the Bluegrass State in anticipation of tonight’s wintery mix.


Rob Allen, Lexington’s Streets and Roads Manager says crews in Fayette County have been working to prepare streets ahead of time since the forecast called for snow and sleet yesterday.

"Last night we were anticipating a little bit more than we got and it's better safe than sorry.  Certainly tonight we'll be loaded for bear and will be in around the clock mode," Allen told WUKY.

Allen said  pre-treatment wasn’t an option early today because of the rain, but that a few trucks are out searching for slick spots and the rest are ready to go once the weather begins to change.

"If the rain stops and it dries a little bit we'll be back putting salt brine out but right now we're holding off on the salt brine.  Certainly, rock salt is an option but we won't do that until the snow starts coming down."

A winter weather advisory goes into effect at 4 p.m. Tuesday and lasts until 5 p.m. tomorrow night. 

Up to three inches of snow is predicted in Fayette and surrounding counties.