Councilman Ford Hosts Town Hall Meeting

Sep 30, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Councilman Chris Ford spoke with residents of the city’s first district in a town hall meeting at Embrace Methodist Church Monday.

He took questions on a variety of topics, ranging from road maintenance to new development projects, but two issues stood out.  The first was affordable housing, particularly with regard to current residents being able to pay their leases.  Ford mentiioned that creating a trust fund for this was a priority. 

“We’re going to have to find an appropriate financing source.  The need is there, the benefit is there financially as well.  We just have to make the right decision financially to get it done, he said."  

The other issue was public safety.  Residents discussed drug dealers in front of places like the Catholic Action Center as well as how to respond to suspicious individual in the parks at night.  Ford emphasized the need for law and order, but also establishing good relationships between police and the community. 

Overall, Ford felt the meeting was quite productive, saying he wants "to make sure that we’re in tune to what’s going on in the district.  I was glad to hear the questions and we’re going to continue to do this often.”

The meeting also featured two other organizations.  Lexington's Human Rights Council discussed their group's yearly report, while Kentuckians For the Commonwealth addressed the issue of restoring voting rights to felons.