Council Reverses Itself On Location Of Second Salt Barn

Aug 30, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- Urban County Council members have reversed their decision to place a salt storage facility off Winchester and New Circle Roads.  More from Karyn Czar.

The temporary structure was proposed for the former site of the Continental Inn and last month, council approved a lease for that location.  Yesterday, they decided against it.

There is only one salt storage barn in Lexington, off Old Frankfort Pike.  The Winchester/New Circle site was meant to be used for about two years, until a permanent location could be constructed.  Residents in the Eastland Parkway neighborhood complained that the salt runoff would leech into nearby streams and that the salt barn would be an eyesore.

The temporary salt barn will run about $190,000; that includes $18,000 for the yearly lease.  City financers say the savings in gas from trucks having shorter travel distances between salt pick-up and distribution to defray the costs.

Chief Administrative Officer Sally Hamilton told the Lexington Herald Leader that city officials think the Continental Inn site was appropriate but they did not want to anger residents if they could find another site.