Council Member Likely To Resign Following Indictments

Apr 26, 2017

Less than five months after taking office, 2nd District councilwoman Sasha Love Higgins is signaling she will probably resign the post. The political newcomer was indicted Tuesday on felony forgery and theft charges.

2nd District Council Member Sasha Love Higgins
Credit lexington

Higgins has not indicated when she may step down, but her attorney, Fred Peters, stresses the decision should not be interpreted as an admission of guilt.

The council member was indicted by a Fayette Circuit grand jury on charges of forgery, identity theft, and three counts of theft by deception. Higgins formerly worked as the general manager of the Hampton Inn in Beaumont, where she is accused of directing the paychecks of a former employee into a bank account for personal gain.

Higgins’ attorney argues she was using the funds to pay contract workers for hotel housecleaning.

She can remain on the council while the case is pending, though the Lexington Herald-Leader reports a council committee is rewriting the body’s ethics ordinance. It does not currently address circumstances where members are charged with a crime not related to their official duties.

Higgins will be arraigned on May 5th. She plans to plead not guilty.