Council Could Allow Address Change Exemptions

May 1, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Lexington city government is constantly in the process of revising street numbers in order to create safer and more uniform roadways, but an ordinance being considered by the Urban County Council could allow for some new exceptions.

If passed, the ordinance would be the first of its kind in Lexington. It would allow the neighborhood around Richmond Avenue, and possibly other areas, to retain addresses numbers no longer deemed consistent with the city’s system, such as those containing fractions. At Tuesday’s council meeting, Deb Winograd said, in the twenty years she’s lived on the street, emergency medical vehicles have had no trouble finding the location.

"I have felt like there's been a lot of fearmongering going on with this and it's just silly. It's a street number. It's worked for 90 years. Let's  let it just keep working," she said.

But council member Tom Blues argued that the ordinance opens the door for more exceptions.

"I think that this is very dangerous legislation. It creates a new rule that goes against what this council in its wisdom created some years ago," Blues said.

In an 8 to 7 vote, the council opted to place the ordinance on the docket for first reading this Thursday.