Corvette Museum Sinkhole To Be Filled

Sep 2, 2014

The sinkhole that swallowed eight cars inside Bowling Green’s National Corvette Museum last February is set to be filled in.

That decision by the museum’s board of directors came Sunday after officials weighed the costs of keeping versus repairing the damage.

Museum spokesperson Katie Frassinelli told WDRB-TV the 30-foot-deep hole has since become a tourist attraction in itself.

"We have had about a 70 percent increase in the number of visitors to the museum since February compared to the same time period last year. So it's been really great in terms of tourism numbers and overall visibility for the museum," she says.

But estimates for keeping part of the sinkhole intact proved too costly, inching up to $1M when additional safety features and vapor barriers for humidity control were factored in.

Once the hole is filled, the only remaining evidence of the collapse will be five of the damaged cars set to remain on display. Officials hope to begin covering up the hole in November.