Corps Says Lake Cumberland Will Normalize By 2014

Sep 1, 2012

SOMERSET, Ky. -- U.S. Army Corps of Engineers officials says they expect Lake Cumberland water levels to be back to normal by 2014, after being lowered years ago to ease pressure on Wolf Creek Dam.

The Corps of Engineeers lowered the water level by about 40 feet in 2007 so that the dam could be repaired. Officials were concerned a dam failure could cause flooding along the Cumberland River all the way to Nashville, Tenn.

Project Manager Don Getty said at a Somerset-Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce meeting Thursday that the lake will be "much higher" during the 2014 recreational season. The Somerset Commonwealth Journal reports Getty told the chamber that the lake levels would return to normal sometime that year.

Corps officials say the $594 million project is 82 percent complete.