Conway & Paul Face Off At Forum In Louisville

Louisville, KY – At a meeting of the County Judge-Executives, Magistrates and Commissioners, Democrat Jack Conway and Republican Rand Paul shared a stage for the first time since the primary. The candidates focused mostly on their individual platforms, but occasionally lashed out at each other. The most common jab from Paul was that Conway would support programs favored by national Democrats, including the so-called Cap and Trade energy legislation.

"President Obama favors it. Congressman Yarmuth favors it. Ben Chandler favors it. And Jack favors it. Cap and Trade will be a disaster for our state."

Conway responded that Paul is mischaracterizing his position.
"I oppose Cap and Trade. I will oppose Cap and Trade as Kentucky's next United States Senator and I will not support a program that raises electricity rates."

Conway used his remarks to voice his support for the coal industry and for government programs that benefit Kentucky counties.