Conway, Paul Debate Agriculture Issues

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- – U.S. Senate candidates Rand Paul and Jack Conway traded barbs Thursday in a forum sponsored by the Kentucky Farm Bureau.

The two fielded questions on agricultural issues from bureau board members during the two-hour event in Louisville.

Conway, a Democrat and Kentucky's attorney general, contends Paul wants to eliminate the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the nutritional programs it provides.

"We're talking about over 500,000 children here in the commonwealth of Kentucky in a school lunch program, about a quarter of a million kids in the commonwealth of Kentucky in a breakfast program," Conway said.

Paul, the Republican nominee and a Bowling Green eye surgeon, says he doesn't want to eliminate the USDA, but wants the government to take a hard look at federal farm subsidies and other programs that cost billions of dollars.

"If you want to be for farmers, open up markets, Jack, but don't just say I'll give you money when the money is gone. We're two trillion dollars in debt every year now," Paul said.

Conway and Paul are vying for the Senate seat currently held by Republican Jim Bunning.