Convention-Goers Weigh In On Lexington Conventon Center Redesign

Jun 20, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - A focus group made up of key convention organizers and attendees has been examining preliminary plans for the proposed redesign of the Lexington Convention Center.

The results of their meetings released Thursday show convention-goers both encouraged by proposals such as increased meeting space but worried about placing more distance between the convention center and downtown.

Martha DeReamer with the Matrix Group, which organized the focus group, said the group’s main concerns with the proposals were "adding greater distance between the convention center and hotels and restaurants. The potential loss of parking is a concern. perceived cost increases. One of the things they love about Lexington is that it's quite affordable and they do perceive that the costs will be driven up to fund the convention center."

But Stan Harvey with Urban Collage, district planner for the Lexington Center Corporation, says the proposals are hardly written in stone.

"They weren't necessarily meant to be final options that we're picking between and in fact the real detailed design work is about to unfold," Harvey says.

The focus group results were presented Thursday as part of a meeting of the Bluegrass Hospitality Association.