Construction Company Signs On To New High School Project

May 28, 2015

Lexington’s next public high school has a builder. As Josh James reports, the Fayette County school board approved a contract this week with D.W. Wilburn Inc. to begin construction on the facility.    


Early layout of the new high school location

Officials expect to break ground on the $62 million dollar project in June, but plans for the layout have been in the works for some time with input from area high school principals, teachers, a school board member, and the district’s resident architect. School board chair John Price says mapping out new schools can be tedious.

"It's a very complex process is trying to meet the needs and stay within budget," he says. "A lot of times the architect starts here or the staff starts there and then the architect comes back and says in order to do A, B, and C, it's going to cost you this much."

Of the three bids submitted by construction companies, Wilburn turned in the lowest.

District leaders plan to house about 1,800 students in the new facility off Winchester Road, a move they say will ease overcrowding in the city’s five other high schools.

Doors are slated to open in fall 2017.