Complaint Filed Against Williams-Farmer Campaign

FRANKFORT, Ky. – The former head of the Jefferson County Teacher's Association has filed a complaint against the Kentucky gubernatorial campaign of David Williams and Richie Farmer. Steve Neal believes the Republican slate illegally spent money on their campaign before filing a letter of intent to run for office.

"I looked up the law, and it reads pretty clear to me that you can't expend money for a slate before you file your letter of intent with the registry."

Williams-Farmer campaign manager Scott Jennings says the complaint is without merit and that Neal has an ax to grind.

"You might remember that in 2009, Steve Beshear tried to skirt Kentucky law by appointing Steve Neal to the state board of education, even though he was an employee of the Jefferson County teacher's union. The state Senate fortunately saved Mr. Beshear from himself by refusing to confirm Neal and Hell hath no fury, apparently, like a political crony scorned."

Neal is calling for an investigation by the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance.