Community Action Council Bracing For Sequestration, State Cuts

Jul 12, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - With sequestration and state cuts in child care assistance scheduled to hit them this year, the Community Action Council is bracing for major cutbacks in its programs.

All told, the Community Action Council expects to absorb over $1M in cuts this year.

"People talk about how the sequestration was a quiet storm and they haven't really seen the impact. I think that you're seeing it. This is the impact," says Charlie Lanter, the CAC’s manager for program development.

"Our programs have not increased in a long time. In fact, they've been flat funded or decreased for quite some time now, so we were kind of forced to make a series of unpleasant decisions in  order to keep the budgets balanced."

Those decisions include closing the Woodhill Child Development Center and reducing the number of Head Start, Early Start, and Migrant Head Start slots by 75. Lanter says the organization is working to transport those in need to other locations if possible.

If any funding is restored, he says the CAC’s first priority will be to reopen the Woodhill Center.