Coming To Frankfort For Derby Day Breakfast? Better Bring Your Wallet

Frankfort, KY – Governor Beshear says the state can save thousand of dollars by not offering the usual free, buffet-style Derby Day Breakfast. Instead, breakfast menu items will cost one dollar apiece. Also gone are the invitations, large tents and the Derby Train. "Which has been used to transport guests of the Economic Development Cabinet and the Tourism Cabinet from Frankfort to Churchill Downs and back. That will save us about six thousand dollars in insurance, plus about 20-thousand dollars from the economic development budget alone."

Beshear says the cutbacks will save the state around 200-thousand dollars. However, he and First Lady Jane Beshear are hoping the downsizing won't spoil the event, which annually draws thousands to the Capitol lawn. The breakfast will still feature hot air balloon rides, arts and crafts, a farmer's market and a food drive for the needy.