Coach Calipari Helps Unveil New Toyota Avalon

Oct 31, 2012

2013 Toyota Avalon
2013 Toyota Avalon
Credit Josh James

GEORGETOWN, Ky. - Toyota’s 2013 Avalon, officially unveiled Tuesday in Georgetown, is being touted by the company as its most “American” car to date.

Steve St. Angelo is Executive Vice President for Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing in North America. He says the car-maker’s flagship sedan has undergone both an exterior and interior overhaul and, for the first time in the company’s history, will be assembled using a record number of American-made parts.

"Camry has held that prestigious position according to the last three years. Avalon may take that over this year," he says.

On hand to rally the crowd of Toyota workers was UK coach John Calipari, who compared the car manufacturer to UK’s 2012 NCAA championship team. St. Angelo said few new jobs are expected in Georgetown as a direct result of the new addition, but he added that the anticipated boost in sales created by the Avalon could allow Toyota to speed up production and create more manufacturing jobs at the plant.