City Seeking First Project Management Director

Jul 20, 2015

The search is on for Lexington’s first project management director.

Rendering of Town Branch Commons
Credit SCAPE/Landscape Architecture of New York

With the city slated to spend $100 million dollars on capital construction projects this year, Mayor Jim Gray says it’s time to hire a director who can work across departments to coordinate and streamline the building process. Until now, those duties have been farmed out to various sectors of local government.

But Gray’s chief of staff, Jamie Emmons, says that’s left the city without clear guidelines.

"The mayor has identified that there's sort of a lack of common process template in terms of project management for our capital projects," he explains. "A lot of those would be bricks-and-mortar projects, the Town Branch Commons project for example, or perhaps the old courthouse project, or a new city hall."

One notable item that will not fall under the new director’s oversight is the stalled Rupp Arena renovation effort, which is an external project managed by the Lexington Center Corporation.

City leaders anticipate the position will be filled by the fall.

Interested in applying? Visit the Urban County Government's job site.