City Recognizes Veterans, Works To Spotlight Service Members In Its Own Ranks

Nov 11, 2013

For the past six weeks, city officials have been working to ensure the service of veterans within the government doesn't go unnoticed.

While the police and fire departments have a good handle on the number of veterans employed in their ranks, Tyler Scott, a legislative aide for Vice Mayor Linda Gorton, says Lexington hasn’t always had a reliable list of how many former current and former service members work for the city.

That’s changed this year, however, and Scott says officials plan to expand their outreach.

"This is the starting point. We're trying to build from the ground up, but what it does is it allows us to bring more members in and allows their voices to be heard. There are a lot of great ideas out there that just don't see the light of day because we don't know the proper channels to give them a voice," he says.

Scott estimates there are about 400 vets employed by LFUCG and he hopes future programs and events will be able to spotlight their service.

Volunteers of America Kentucky also held a ceremony honoring veterans in Lexington this morning at Phoenix Park. The event included remarks from U.S. Representative Andy Barr, Pat McKiernan, a homeless veterans outreach coordinator, and Vice Mayor Linda Gorton.

She says the day is about not taking the sacrifices or our liberties for granted.

"We're free to do so many things and so it's really important to me and to a lot of folks to highlight that in ceremonies, to thank our veterans, to recognize their sacrifices for our country, and let them know we really appreciate it," Gorton says.

A wreath was laid at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial downtown.