City Of Lexington Sues Drug Companies

Nov 9, 2017

Credit Associated Press

The city of Lexington has taken a bold step to try and fight the growing drug epidemic. A lawsuit has been filed against 20 drug companies.

This morning Lexington Mayor Jim Gray was joined by first responders, church leaders, lawmakers, drug treatment experts and families directly affected by opioid abuse. He announced that the city was filing suit against companies that make and sell the drugs to help pay the city back for costs incurred helping people who have become addicted to them. A trust would also be set up for prevention and treatment programs.

Tonya Meeks lost her teenage son to a drug overdose five years ago. She says the suit is a step in the right direction of saving lives. Debbie, a recovered drug addict said she accepts some responsibility but agrees that the businesses who made the pills readily available bear some of the blame.

Thirty five other cities in Kentucky have filed suit against dozens of pharmaceutical companies over opioids.