City Leaders Learn They Have Fewer Dollars For Extra Projects

Oct 23, 2013

Frustration among Lexington Fayette Urban County Council members as they learned that the city’s surplus was $5-million dollars less than thought.

Council member Jennifer Mossotti responded yesterday to new finance reports that put Lexington’s surplus at just over eight million dollars, initially that number was 12.4 million.

“I really do sense your frustration and I do appreciate your explanations .  I think I understand what is happening a little more clearly.  I think there’s frustration on our part too because we’ve sat through a month or so of meetings trying to determine what projects to allocate and as far as what has priorities and what doesn’t.  What I don’t want to do is go forward unless we know specifically what numbers we have are correct.”

City officials had told council members not to start discussing how to spend any surplus funds until the audited finance report became available in November.  Meetings began anyway in August.  Some projects given initial approval are…traffic improvement designs for Man O’ War Blvd., Dunbar Community Center upgrades, and signs and striping for bike lanes across Lexington.

Here is a complete list of the projects that received initial approval yesterday. 

$1-million toward economic incentives to attract new jobs to the city     

$250,000  designs to improve traffic on Man o’ War

$250,000  new restrooms at Masterson Station Park

$150,000  new windows for the Dunbar Community Center

$150,000  Idle Hour baseball field renovations

$100,000  ADA improvements to Castlewood Park

$90,000   bridge installation in Wellington Park

$82,000   Berry Hill Park walking trail

$82,000   expansion of Douglas Park

$80,510   striping and signage for bike lanes

$80,000   new parking lot and basketball court in Valley Park

$67,500   expanding Charles Young Park

$30,000   replace the Constitutional Park trail

$20,000   repair to the Highlands Park basketball court