City Holds Public Hearing on Time Warner Cable

Dec 10, 2013

The city of Lexington held a hearing Monday seeking comment on the services of Time Warner Cable. 

At stake is whether Lexington will continue its business relationship or switch to a different cable company.  Time Warner recently bought and took over Insight cable and spokesman Jason Keller acknowledged that the transition has been difficult, but they have made progress. 

"I’m pleased to report that the number of service calls customers have seen has now been cut in half thanks to the service of our technical teams.  The fact is, Time Warner Cable is dedicated to serving our customers.  We have a lot of work to do, but we’re focused on doing our part to ensure a bright future for Lexington," he said.

The public was not so convinced.  Many residents raised complaints about increased monthly bills, spotty cable connections, and poor customer service.   Local resident Adam Tsuniga says these issues don’t bode well for consumer confidence.

“The business is like building a house.  Cable is the foundation, and I appreciate all of the things you’re trying to do, but when you’re concentrating on all that and the foundation gets weak, people lose confidence in the strength," he said.

The city will hold another public hearing at the Beaumont YMCA Thursday night.  It is also accepting comments via Lexcall 311 and by email at