City Examining Property for Possible New Senior Citizens Center

Apr 17, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - As more of Lexington’s population grows older and enters retirement, city leaders are looking for ways to better serve the elderly.

The senior citizens center on Nicholasville Road needs a new roof and more room overall to serve meals and host activities. A task force is being organized to explore new programming options for older adults, all of which require a bigger facility.

“We gotta find a main area and let that be the main one. The one on Nicholasville Road I don’t feel is a good location. It’s right there off Alumni Drive and a lot of people can’t get in and out,” says Richard Moloney, Lexington’s Chief Administrative Officer.

Moloney says city leaders were recently approached by property owners looking to sell a building that’s around 50,000 square feet -- more than three times the size of the current senior citizens center.

“It really might fit what they need and we’re really excited about it. There’s still a lot of moving parts.”

The location of the property has not been released because of ongoing negotiations. The purchase would require the approval of the Urban County Council.