City Amps Up Crackdown On Properties Near UK Campus

Lexington, KY – On Monday, Fayette Circuit Judge Ernesto Scorsone granted the city a temporary injunction concerning a house on Woodland Avenue that was found not up to code. Newberry signified just last month that property owners would either comply or find themselves taken to court.

"Primarily it's going to be the responsibility of the landlord, the property owner so we are engaging in an effort to educate the property owners about what their obligations are because our goal is not to generate a lot of fine revenue here what we are interested in doing is getting these problems fixed as promptly as we can so that whoever may be living there will be safe."

The ruling displaces five UK students until the injunction is lifted. A recent inspection of the house at 171 Woodland Avenue found it had no sprinklers, no hardwired smoke detectors, and there were individual locks on all of the resident's doors. Property owners Michael Morrison and Mike Haley asked Judge Scorsone to delay his ruling, citing recent improvements they have undertaken. In the meantime, Mayor Newberry says more random property inspections will continue.