Citizens Share Concerns, Hear Plans For Lexington Mall

Lexington, KY – Southland Christian Church is interested in buying the site, which sits near the intersection of New Circle and Richmond roads. The once bustling retail center has been quiet for years. So, the church's interest in the land is good news to urban county council member Cheryl Fiegel.

"I couldn't be happier. I think that we've waited for a long time to get a good neighbor in our area," said Fiegel.

Fiegel says lengthy attempts to land new retailers at the site just haven't worked out. The church would be exempt from paying city property taxes, but that doesn't concern Fiegel.

"It's been vacant for so many years that we really haven't seen a lot of funding come out of this property anyway," added Fiegel.

Barbara Graves lives near the proposed church site. She's looking forward to a new neighbor.

"It's reaching out ahead of time and telling us what they would like to have and soliciting our input and we appreciate that. That's a good start," said Graves.

Visitors gathered under a large tent in front of the abandoned mall to get a look at Southland's preliminary design. Senior executive pastor Chris Hahn says no final decisions have been made.

"We don't have any ministry plans per se at this point we just to kind of take it all in and then take what we've learned and then go formulate a plan on how we can meet the needs of the community," explained Hahn.

Southland already has a satellite facility in Danville. If everything goes as hoped, a closing on the sale could come early in 2011.