Citizen Crime-Fighters Honored

Apr 30, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Citizen crime-fighters were recognized at a special luncheon Monday as part of Crime Victims’ Rights Week. 

Awards were handed out to ten citizens, including two young people, for helping police identify and apprehend criminals. Among the honorees were Marcie York, Susan Whitney, Tracie Hoffman, and Laura Hall, whose testimony played a key role in the prosecution of Donald Southworth, who was convicted of killing of his wife, Umi, in January. The group, who became affectionately known as “those Fazoli’s women,” traveled to the Southworths’ home the day Umi failed to show up for work.  

"It was more of a 'let's go out there.' It wasn't a 'it's the right thing to do... it's the wrong thing to do.' I think we all had a deep feeling of sadness in our stomachs," said Marcie York.

York says their motivation throughout the process was justice for their slain coworker. Donald Southworth was sentenced to life in prison in February. The ceremony honoring victims and citizen crime-fighters is put on by the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office.