Child Fatality Panel To Review State's Handling Of Abuse Cases

Jul 22, 2013

FRANKFORT, Ky. - A new law calls for the reinstatement of the Child Fatality Panel. That group, along with three new representatives, met Monday.

The independent, multi-disciplinary group is conducting comprehensive reviews of child fatalities and near fatalities that resulted from child abuse or neglect.  Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Tracey Corey would like to see mandatory drug and alcohol screening.

“I’ve noticed that over the years, many times when there is an accidental death of a child, it is reported that the parents have been intoxicated,” Corey said.

Joel Griffith with ‘Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky, Inc.’ agrees, but wants to be deliberate in how they approach collecting data.

“We don’t exactly how many cases of unexpected child deaths involve drugs so what we need to do is get some baseline data and then move forward from a data informed approach before we just make a jump that could be hard received for people who are going through the death of a child,” he says.

The group also discussed the need for more education, especially in hospital ER’s so that signs of child abuse can be identified and treated more quickly.