'Chicago' Opens Tonight At The Lexington Opera House

Nov 8, 2013

Broadway Live at the Opera House brings the Tony Award winning musical to the stage and one of the show’s stars has a special Kentucky connection.

Starring as the sleazy lawyer Billy Flynn is John O’Hurley who is well known for his reccurring stint as J. Peterman on Seinfeld.  Writers of the show based the character on Kentucky’s own J. Peterman, who ran a specialized catalog business.  The real Peterman and O’Hurley became friends and are even in business together.  When the schedule was made for this tour of ‘Chicago’…O’Hurley wanted Lexington to be on it

“First of all I love Lexington.  It’s just a wonderful…I describe it as one of the great authentic towns in America.  But also because of my attachment to the J Peterman Company and John Peterman himself and the family.  I kind of felt that if the show came through here and I wasn’t at the helm that something would have been artistically and morally wrong so I rearranged the schedule.” 

There are five performances beginning tonight and ending on Sunday.  Tickets are available at the Lexington Center Ticket Office or ticketmaster.com 

O’Hurley has also penned his first children’s book called “The Perfect Dog” which he wrote for his son.  He’ll be signing it for fans at Joseph Beth Booksellers tomorrow at 11:00.