Chemical Weapons Destruction Convoy Moving Through Area This Afternoon

Feb 20, 2012

A fifty foot tall, 100 ton empty vessel used in chemical weapons destruction is set to make its way to the Blue Grass Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant in Richmond; the final leg of its 1,800 mile journey from Idaho.

Monday afternoon law enforcement agencies will escort a very slow moving 200-foot-long tractor trailer carrying the vessel from Lexington to Richmond. The convoy will enter Lexington from Martha Layne Collins Blue Grass Parkway and onto U.S. Highway 60, then travel along Man O War Boulevard and onto Interstate Highway 75 toward Richmond. Once it gets into Madison County, the convoy will travel along state Route 876 (Eastern Kentucky University By-Pass), and on to state Route 52 to the Blue Grass Army Depot.

During plant operations, the vessel will house inert nitrogen gas while the chemical weapons stockpile is destroyed.

The pilot plant is being built to destroy a stockpile of chemical weapons currently in storage at the Blue Grass Army Depot.

The under construction plant will destroy 523 tons of munitions containing blister and nerve agents.