Chemical Destruction Advisory Board To Hold Special Meeting On Plan To Destroy Mustard Rounds

Oct 22, 2013

The proposal to explode old mustard rounds at the Blue Grass Army Depot will be the subject of a special meeting Wednesday.


In July, an environmental study concluded that using Explosive Detonation Technology, or EDT, to destroy old mustard rounds housed at the Blue Grass Army Depot in Richmond would not cause any “significant impacts” on the community. Now, the Assembled Chemical Weapons Alternatives group will present its response to comments on the proposal submitted by a Citizens’ Advisory Committee.

The plan currently under review involves exploding the more than 15,000 aging mustard rounds inside specially designed devices with two walls of thick steel. Wednesday, program representatives will discuss the Assembled Chemical Weapons Alternatives response to comments and concerns raised so far.

"There were no comments that we submitted that are what I would call showstoppers," says Chemical Weapons Working Group director Craig Williams.

Williams says the concerns mainly focused on issues raised in the environmental assessment: "the capacity to hold and test before any of the emissions from the detonati0n chambers are released into the atmosphere, what sort of precautions are going to be made as far as assuring the integrity of the chambers after several explosions have taken place, those sorts of things."

The meeting is Wednesday from 6 to 8 at the Madison County Joint Information Center in Richmond.