Charter School, Bible Class Bills Among Laws Taking Effect Thursday

Jun 29, 2017

Kentucky’s General Assembly recessed months ago, but most of the bills approved during the short 30-day session did not go into effect until this Thursday.

With Republicans at the helm in both chambers, the General Assembly proved far more prolific in 2017 – sending long-sought-after right-to-work and abortion measures to the governor. Some bills took effect immediately thanks to what's called an “emergency clause,” but most haven’t taken effect until now.

That list includes bills that generated heated discussion in the Capitol, from House Bill 520 opening up the state to charter schools to a measure limiting patients to – with some exceptions – a 3-day supply of prescription painkillers. House Bill 14, tagged as the “Blue Lives Matter” bill by critics, makes it a hate crime to target police officers.

Also taking effect are HB 128, allowing schools to offer an elective course on the Bible that teaches about the text’s impact on society; SB 11, lifting a moratorium on nuclear power plants in Kentucky; and SB 17, guaranteeing the right of students to express religious opinions in public schools.