Chandler Weighs In On Clean Coal

Washington, DC – The drive to stop global warming is at an all time high in Congress. That could mean a costly tax on electricity from carbon emitting fuels like coal. Congressman Ben Chandler doesn't want to see that happen. He is pushing for Congress to invest money in so called "clean coal" technologies. One idea is carbon capture and sequestration . . . where coal emissions are stored underground.

"The long term future o! f coal is certainly better if the technology of carbon sequestration is effective and I think most environmental advocates would certainly like to see the burning of coal be less hazardous to the environment, less carbon going up into the air."

Chandler wants investment in carbon sequestration included in the massive economic stimulus package but has gotten no promises. Many environmentalists say the technology won't prevent pollution. If the coal lobby fails to win this initial battle, it could mean a lonely four years lie ahead for the industry.