Chandler Declares Victory - Barr Not Conceding

Lexington, KY – Democrat incumbent Ben Chandler watched and waited nearly four hours after the polls closed before deciding that a 600 vote lead would be a wide enough margin to declare victory over Republican challenger Andy Barr.

"According to the Secretary of State's website, we have won this election."

Almost immediately the tea party favorite announced to his supporters he would not go quietly into that good night.

"This race is too close to call. And tomorrow the campaign continues."

As for what happens next, UK election law professor Josh Douglas says the GOP challenger could request either a re-canvass or a recount.

"It's simply asking the board of elections to double check their numbers. You counted it once, please count it again. A recount however, under Kentucky law, is where the losing candidate goes to the courts and says we think this is wrong, we want the courts to count."

A preliminary analysis of the district map shows Chandler did well in urban Fayette and Franklin Counties, while Barr outpolled the incumbent Congressman in the more suburban and rural areas.