Chandler-Barr, Other Races To Be Re-Canvassed Friday

Frankfort, KY – Democratic Congressman Ben Chandler claimed victory on election night, but because of the narrow vote margin, Republican challenger Andy Barr requested a recanvass. Les Fugate of the Secretary of State's office says vote totals will also be rechecked in three legislative races and three judicial races around the commonwealth.

"We will direct all the clerks around the state to begin the recanvasses at 9:00 a.m., local time. They'll send the results back to us and we'll pretty much immediately be able to get those results out to everyone so that they know the results of the recanvass."

Out of more than 239,000 votes cast in the 6th Congressional District race, Congressman Chandler currently holds a 649 vote lead over Andy Barr. Barr also has until Friday to request a recount, if he's dissatisfied with the results of the recanvass. The recanvass is free, but Barr's campaign would have to pay for a recount, which could be expensive.