Chandler, Barr Making One Final Push For Votes

Nov 5, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- Candidates in the 6th District Congressional race made a final campaign push throughout central Kentucky today.

A crowd of supporters rallied for incumbent Ben Chandler at the Democratic Party Headquarters in Lexington. Governor Steve Beshear joined Chandler on an afternoon bus tour.

“If we want this country to come out of this recession and begin charging forward again, we gotta have more people like Ben Chandler in Washington D.C.!", Beshear said.

The battle between Chandler and Republican Challenger Andy Barr has been contentious, but Chandler believes a strong voter turnout will help him win re-election.

Meanwhile, at a scheduled stop in Richmond, Republican Andy Barr admits that re-districting has put his campaign at a disadvantage as opposed to 2010, (when he lost to Chandler by 648 votes), but he believes his message is resonating with a wide swath of constituents.

“What matters really is the people and I’ve enjoyed supports from Republicans and Democrats alike frankly because I haven’t asked what their party registration is.  I don’t care want someone’s party registration is.”

Barr also campaigned in Winchester, Irvine, Ravenna, Midway, and Georgetown.