Chandler and Barr Debate Role of Federal Government

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Kentucky's 6th district congressional candidates met in Lexington Monday night in what could be their only debate of the general election. Republican challenger Andy Barr came out swinging against Democratic incumbent Ben Chandler.

"The reason why there's not more participation in the labor force is that government is interfering with entrepreneurs and the ability of entrepreneurs to invest. The cause of our continuing problems is that government is trying to do too much."

Barr called the federal economic stimulus package that Chandler voted for "a breathtaking failure." Chandler defended the plan and says Democrats aren't to blame for the recession.

"I can't imagine that anybody could suggest that the cause of this problem wasn't the policies of the Bush administration. I'm just astounded that somebody could sit here and say that Barack Obama was the cause of this economic meltdown. It happened before he was elected."

The two also discussed cap and trade and healthcare reform. The debate aired on KET.