Chamber Of Commerce Assesses State Business Climate

Jul 18, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce has released a broad snapshot of Kentucky’s business climate and prospects for job growth. Hear the story and Josh James' complete interview with Chamber CEO Dave Adkisson.

Released on the heels of its yearly meeting on Tuesday, the Chamber’s comprehensive business study brings together data from independent groups that rank all fifty states in areas such as regulations, quality of life, education, and infrastructure.

"This is not a promotion piece at all. This is the good, the bad, and the neutral," he says.

Dave Adkisson is president and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce. He says the report highlights Kentucky’s advantages, among them low energy costs, low crime, and a relatively competitive tax climate on the state level, but doesn’t shy away from the negatives – health statistics, for example.

"Kentucky frankly has very poor health in terms of cancer rates, heart disease, smoking, obesity, those sorts of things, and it's really affecting us in terms of our public expenditures for medical services and also in health insurance premiums," Adkisson notes.

The report makes a number of recommendations, including a statewide smoking ban, repealing or revising the prevailing wage law, and passing right-to-work legislation.