Centre College Students Commemorate Anniversary

Nov 19, 2013

Students studying history at Centre College gathered near a bronze statue of President Lincoln and recited the Gettysburg Address today.

When Dr. Clarence Wyatt asked students in his America North and South class at Centre College to read the Gettysburg Address on the 150th anniversary of the famous speech, Senior Mary Tanner’s hand was the first to go up.  As a history major she knew the importance of President Lincoln’s address, but for her the opportunity was more personal.  “My paternal grandfather actually had this speech memorized so I’m kind of doing this as my own tribute to him….so for me personally it’s about my pa-paw.”

And so with paper in hand, Tanner joined three of her classmates next to the bronze Lincoln statue on campus and finished out the last few lines in honor of Lincoln and her grandfather.  Afterward the students said they find it amazing that a speech that lasted just over a minute and a half could change the shape of a nation.  They believe the Gettysburg Address still resonates today and they hope the anniversary will be a reminder to all Americans that the country has come a long way since the speech was given by President Lincoln 150 years ago today.