Census Worker Death Ruled A Suicide

Frankfort, KY – When the naked body of 51-year old Bill Sparkman was found hanging from a Clay County tree, with the letters F-E-D scrawled across his chest, there were fears he had been killed because of his government job. But after a thorough investigation, that included DNA testing of crime scene evidence, authorities are completely convinced Sparkman took his own life. "Mr. Sparkman was found in contact with the ground, almost on his knees - roughly a few inches off of the ground. To survive, all Mr. Sparkman had to do, at any time, was to stand up."

Kentucky State Police Captain Lisa Rudzinski says, prior to his death, Sparkman had discussed with a credible witness his intention to commit suicide. In May, Sparkman had taken out two insurance policies, worth 600-thousand dollars, that would pay off only if he died accidentally. Federal authorities say the investigation concludes their interest in the case.