Catholic Priest Dedicated Life to Serving Appalachia

Aug 10, 2012

The Roman Catholic missionary who founded the Christian Appalachian Project passed away Thursday. Monsignor  Ralph Beiting  was 88.  

Since World War II, Beiting served the people of eastern Kentucky through a series of social service programs.

He described the early days of his work in an in a recording for Storycorps.  

“I found out that there was another America…the America of Appalachia. I found poverty that I have never seen, even in the Great Depression, and I saw prejudice from one church against another, that had never recognized or seen before.”

Christian Appalachian Project President and CEO Guy Adams says Beiting was  “a light in the darkness” for thousands of Appalachians in need.

Funeral Masses are scheduled Monday at Holy Family Catholic Church in Ashland and Tuesday at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Cold Spring.