Capilouto Gets Mostly Positive Job Review

Sep 11, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky.  _  University of Kentucky President Eli Capilouto has received a mostly positive review after a year on the job but won't receive a performance bonus.  That word was made official Tuesday by UK Board of Trustees Chair Britt Brockman.

"We decided that he deserved a bonus for extraordinary performance, however based upon the economy and with discussions with the president it was mutually decided that we wouldn't award the bonus, and I think that speaks volumes to his personality and his character."

Brockman said Capilouto has hit most of his major goals; especially when it comes to work on facilities and undergraduate education.  Because the board did not want a perfunctory, sanitized review the board switched things up this year by paying an outside consultant, Former West Virginia University President David Hardesty, to put together the job evaluation report.

"He spent a week on our campus, interviewing 43 folks, about a half an hour per interview, from various constituency groups; from faculty, students, government officials, university officials, administrators, et cetera.  It was very positive from the perspective that we learned a lot.  We learned that president is doing a very effective job.  We are very impressed overall, but we also have some constructive criticism, although it's mild criticism, it is important", Brockman told WUKY.

Capilouto was encouraged to do a better job communicating with the campus community during crises like the announced layoffs in June.