Candidate Claims Democrats Tried To Buy Him Out Of Senate Race

Jan 8, 2014

Ed Marksberry says when he was running as a Democrat in the Ky. Senate Race he was offered a payoff of his campaign debt if he left the race.

Marksberry said the offer came from a "Democratic Party person" but would not elaborate.

The campaign of Democratic front-runner Alison Lundergan Grimes and the state Democratic Party both denied offering Marksberry anything to leave the race and said they didn't ask an intermediary to offer him anything.  

Marksberry's allegations were first made in a letter to the blog Page One Kentucky. In an interview with The Courier-Journal, Marksberry refused to say who the party person was or whether the person was based in Frankfort or local. He also wouldn't say whether the person had direct ties to the Grimes campaign.  

 Marksberry decided to run as an independent rather than as a Democrat last year.