Campaign Targets Violence In Kentucky

May 24, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - A campaign to urge Kentucky citizens to use their own abilities to reduce violence in the state is recognizing May 25th as its first official Win the War! Against Violence Day.

Douglas Wain, executive director of the organization behind the campaign, says the somewhat ironic use of the “war” metaphor is intentional – and meant to draw together the War on Terror and other similar campaigns under one heading.

"To encompass all of them, it's really 'win the war against violence," he says. 

And when it comes to reducing violence, Wain says Kentucky has plenty of work to do.

"There has been no improvement in violent victimizations for the last decade and that is despite the fact that we've almost had a hundred percent increase in adult incarceration. We've also had an increase in juvenile detention," Wain says. 

Wain’s campaign, also called the Ten Percent Challenge, is an effort to see if violence can be reduced by ten percent by voluntary action alone.