Budget Negotiations Continue


After five days of off-and-on, closed-door negotiations, Kentucky House and Senate budget conferees are still searching for a final agreement on a new state spending plan.

The original goal was to be finished by Sunday, but when the talks broke off Sunday night, no agreement was announced.

Senate Majority Leader Robert Stivers says an adjustment to the legislative calendar may be necessary to finish the talks.

"I don't think it's possible for us to get something drafted. Just the logistics of getting a document copied, printed and back on people's table, it takes approximately 30 hours."

The 2010 session is scheduled to take a 10-day veto recess starting Wednesday, but with four days remaining in the session, there's still time for some calendar-shuffling if need be.

A billion dollars of bonded construction projects, or what the House calls its "jobs program," may be the biggest sticking point in the talks. The projects were not included in the Senate budget.