Bucky The Bugler Is Hi-Light At Keeneland

Oct 4, 2013

George "Bucky" Sallee
George "Bucky" Sallee

LEXINGTON, Ky - Today race fans will have a chance to celebrate the career of the track’s long time bugler who retired from his post.

George “Bucky” Sallee treated reporters and fans to a performance of ‘Boots and Saddles’, the tune he’s played for the start of nearly every race at Keeneland’s track for more than 50-years.  It all began when Keeneland’s original staff supervisor and golf pro Frank Atkins heard Bucky play the trumpet one night at Picadome Gold Club.

“He said you know, I hired the guy that plays the trumpet down at Keeneland.  He wants to quit…and this that and the other…and said if I get in a pinch would you help me out.  I never gave it a real thought really and by golly it wasn’t just a few days..he called me…said would you come out here and finish this meet and help me out.  So I did.  I’ve been here 54 years.”

Today Sallee will be signing authogrphs during the opening of the Fall Meet.  Fans are encouraged to share their memories of him online or by dropping off a letter in the “Bucky Mailbox” next to the paddock.