Board Of Health To Replace HealthFirst Board With New Entity

Sep 10, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - The Fayette County Board of Health has voted to dissolve its ties with the HealthFirst board after months of stormy relations with the group.

Following a vote to remove HealthFirst executive director William North and calls for the HealthFirst board to step down, the Board of Health is taking the next step by pulling HealthFirst’s tax dollars and seeking a new entity to partner with as the organization moves forward with a new $11.7M public health clinic.

The decision is an administrative one that does not affect the 138 employees working for the current health clinic – only the board and former executive director. The HealthFirst board will not have any say in the operating of the clinic or the construction of the new facility.

HealthFirst had received about $1.2M in tax revenue annually as well as a $1.6M loan from the Board of Health. A recent report by State Auditor Adam Edelen raised questions about the financial stability of HealthFirst and the hiring of clinic project manager Ted Mims.

Dr. Deborah Stanley, HealthFirst's medical director, has said, despite assurances that the problems lie with the HealthFirst board, five percent of the staff have left and patients are asking whether they should be seeking new doctors.