Bluegrass Greensource Holds Sustainability Workshop

Mar 20, 2014

Bluegrass Greensource held its fifth annual "Go Green , Save Green Workshop" Thursday.

The event, held at Bluegrass Community and Technical College's Newtown Campus,, provided information to businesses and nonprofits on recycling, energy efficiency, and improving water quality.  Executive Director Amy Sohner says there’s something for everyone.

"We really try to gear it toward somebody who has no recycling, no sustainability issues, and those that have already done everything that they know how to do, they can still find something at our workshop," she said.   

Apart from the workshops, there were vendors hawking green products and services, as well as opportunities to network.   Sohner says the focus on sustainability extends to the event itself. 

"We are recycling everything that we can, and there’s very very little, I think the cream packets for the coffee this morning are one of the only things that we have to throw in the trash."

About 100 people attended the event, while more will join an after-hours networking session at Blue Stallion Brewery.